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I’m so proud and happy

Posted on: October 5, 2008

For our thesis, our account will be MUSIC ONE.

Me, my sister and my mom went to Greenbelt today and since our account will be Music One, I asked them if we can go there and off we went.

I looked around, listened to some of the CDs, went crazy over some CDs and then my sister showed me something I couldn’t put down anymore. CLASSICAL MUSIC! For your information, lately, I’ve been in love with classical music and I wished that I could play at least one musical instrument. I’ve liked music even from before but I wonder why I didn’t learn any instrument. I guess I’ll remain a listener or a spectator all my life.

Anyway, going back to my story, I was so happy to get hold of the CDs, it’s like I found a treasure. Bach. Mozart. Paganini. Tchaikovsky. Beethoven. I was looking at the songs and it’s weird because I recognize some of those who are listed and I can play it in my head.

Since my dear sister noticed that it’s obvious I will not leave until I have at least one of those cds, she asked me if I want it as my birthday gift since she hasn’t given me one yet so I said, “Of course!”. I asked her if we could get two instead of one (with puppy eyes and big grin). She gave in. Thanks Ate!

I got “Brahms At Bedtime” with 14 cuts and “Debussy For Day Dreaming” with 12 cuts. It feels better to have an original CD rather than a downloaded copy. I’m so happy and proud because I immersed myself in our account by buying CDs there.

I’m planning to complete the collection… I’ll save money! 🙂


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