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Course Cards Unleashed

Posted on: September 8, 2008

I received my course cards a few days ago but this is the first time that I’ll sit down and write about what I thought of the outcome of all the efforts that I’ve put out the past term.

I can say that I’m somewhat disappointed with myself because of my grades. I know I could have done better. As I checked my grades, my GPA in the recently ended term is one of the lowest or not the lowest in my entire stay in La Salle. I don’t usually set standards for myself. I just let things be but this time around I know that I did not do my best. As I look back, I wish I could have done things differently. I wished I could have been more driven.

I don’t know what was wrong with me last term. I couldn’t figure out what’s what.

Right now, I hate mediocrity. It really makes me irritated. Most of my grades are in the middle so I know that the reason I did not get a high grade was because I did not put out enough effort.

I just hope that during this break I’ll be able to gather myself up and have a more positive outlook in what I’ll do in the coming term.


1 Response to "Course Cards Unleashed"

Me too! Parang laging nasa huli ang pagsisisi… Kasi parang ngayon… Naisip ko na I couldve done better, grades higher! But then, tamad talaga akong mag-aral. Haaay…

Anyway, ngayon ko lang nacheck yung blog mo… Hehehe Actually, ngaun lang din kasi ako napapa-blog. But I already tried to check this blog of yours before… Pero ang tagal magload. Now lang ako nagkaroon ng patience to take a peek. Hehehe

I’ll be happy if you’d visit my blog as well. I’ll also include this blog to my ‘Links’ if it’s ok… =)

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