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The Finale

Posted on: August 28, 2008

This week has been, well, what do you usually call it? Hell! I’ve been busy and sick so I wasn’t able to post here as much as I want to. There are times that I’m ready to post but then craziness will flow through my system and I would think of throwing a tantrum and then forget about the blinking cursor in my WordPress window. I know it seems like I’m ranting. I admit I’m not as busy as other people but I’m busy too.

Five finals out of six. I’m so elated! Haha! One final paper. Two written exams. One sales pitch. What more can you ask for? You know this brain of mine has limited capacity. If it feels that there’s already too much in it, it automatically shuts down. Exciting, isn’t it? 1… 2… 3…. processes terminated!

In our sales pitch, we are supposed to use a former campaign but in our case. We started from scratch but not really scratch because we already have a marketing strategy but then we have to do TVC, RC and PA from nothing. I did the comm brief, media plan and would you believe? I made a TVC and a radio ad. So exciting but then my brain was dead after.

On the side note: I have so many ant bites!!! 😦

Today is our sales pitch. I’m glad it’s almost over and I can go home soon! I want to see my parents!!! Huhu!


2 Responses to "The Finale"

ang saya hahahaha. for the first time, wala akong written final exam. puro paper and reports na last week pa due. ngayon ko lang na-feel na masaya (sort of) sa cla.

natatakot na ako sa conadev. 😦 enjoy your weekend.

Just one more term, Cris 🙂

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