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It breaks and moves on

Posted on: July 31, 2008

Teasing Me

Teasing Me

Haha. I like the title of this post. I wonder how many times I’ve been frustrated by things around me. For the past few days, I’m obsessed with this guy. I wanted him to like me although I don’t like him that much. I went crazy over worries that would never happen. I was with him yesterday (just because we photocopied something for a class) and then he was flirting with someone over the phone and of course he was telling me all about it. I was about to tell him to shut up but I just smiled back. And that moment was over. My day was already ruined. But there’s more to come… I saw him later with a girl… I think that’s the one he’s talking to over the phone. I want to pretend I didn’t see them but he saw me and waved his hand with a smile on his face. I smiled back but I hope that he wasn’t able to see the disappointment in my face. I was really furious but I know I couldn’t do anything.

Super Happy Guy

Super Happy Guy

After that encounter, I felt like there was someone at my back teasing me… “Umasa ka pa kasi. Yan tuloy.

I looked back and no one was there. It was me after all. Next week will be the last time I ‘ll see him. I’m thankful and at the same time sad that we’ll not see each other anymore. All night, I was tempted to buzz him over YM but I told myself you’re not that desperate. There are still fishes out there, I just don’t know where to get them. Oh well. 😀


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If you can’t get a boyfriend and you necessarily, absolutely, desperately need a boyfriend, go RENT one. 😆

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