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Posted on: March 16, 2008

I had two pastas done this weekend. More to go.

Pacquiao won. Every Filipino’s heart is filled with pride with the victory of a Filipino warrior. I think more than his victories, what made him a hero in his own land is his ability to unite the people even just for a time. People forgot who’s side he is in and stand by his enemies to cheer for their Pambansang Kamao.
I’m glad he did win. At least, there will be news other than the ZTE scandal that really gets on my nerve. Actually I wasn’t planning to watch his fight, I just want to know whether he wins or not. But the bus I rode was tuned in so I had to watch, I am to admit that I like the fight of Marquez and Pacquiao this time. It was full of life and the victory of Pacquiao was really hard earned with only one point advantage to his opponent.
At first or way before the fight, my bet is Marquez would win though I know that it is treachery to my country but I felt that Maequez has really something that might make him win this time. Though Marquez lost, I felt that somehow my instincts were right that he did not make it easy for Pacquiao to win this fight.
Bravo to the both of you!!!


3 Responses to "Pasta-terrific"

Ano niluto mong pasta?

Well, I don’t like Manny to win, he’s so ambitious! Akalain mo, pinasok ang lahat ng pwede pasukan? Pride has overtaken him!!!

misunderstanding… pasta as in sa ngipin… pero this weekend, tuturuan nga akong magluto ni nanay… ginataang langka nga yung ulam namin nung weekend eh…

Hay shobe, kala ko nagluto ka ng pasta! Yay! Tuturuan magluto si Shobe! Aral na lang kaya tayo sa culinary school! 😀

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