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Kite Runner

Posted on: February 29, 2008

I just watched Kite Runner with some of the Bermudez Family (Dadi, Pam, May, Kay, Faye, Dada and Zhen-Zhen) in Robinsons Place today and then a “pictorial” in Zhen-Zhen’s condo. It was tiring but we were happy.

kite runner

Kite Runner: My Opinion
I’ve been wanting to read the book version but I guess I was too lazy to buy and read it so when my friends asked me if I would like to watch this movie, I immediately said yes.
The movie, for me, was heartbreaking. I cried a bit. Even though I don’t understand their language (it is shown with subtitles), I felt some sort of connection. I really liked it although I’m not sure if many people appreciates this kind of film. I think this movie deserves to receive a nominaton or an award.
Because of this film, I saw a bit of their culture and I saw some of their history. I can understand their situation more. I think this film will open the eyes of people and urge them to do something of their situation.


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I adopted a Naruto chibi! ^.^

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