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Posted on: February 27, 2008

Lately, I’ve been coming up with different plots that I can make into a story. Just now I thought of something like this:

Once in our time, there lived a sickly girl that never felt she was really alive.
She could not go to school because her body is so frail. So she stays at home and her parents hires her a private tutor but no one stayed because she has a very bad attitude.
The rumor about the little sickly brat had spread and the kid’s parents are now having some difficulties on finding another tutor for the girl. They are very worried about her but could not do anything because they are afraid that if they scold her she would get upset and it might trigger her attacks. So they just let her be.
All they can do is to bring her books every now and then because they saw that it is the only thing that makes their daughter interested.
Days. Weeks have passed and they are already losing hope when suddenly a young woman passed by their house and asked if there’s anyone in their family that needs a tutor. The parents were so happy but they know that the new tutor wouldn’t last either but they took their chances anyway.
They took the tutor in and introduced to their child but the she didn’t even look up from the book she is reading. Instead of being offended, the new tutor laughed and said, “What an interesting child!”.
And that is the start of their wonderful relationship as student and teacher…
Soon the tutor learned that the kid dreams to be a writer so the tutor gave the child a special pen, she told her that anything that the pen writes in the special notebook will become a reality so she must be very careful of what she writes.
What will the student write about??? Wait and see…

This is just a gist. I wish I could expand this. 🙂


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