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Early Morning Post

Posted on: January 15, 2008

Hay! Nakakapagod mag-isip!

Yeah, I’m a lazy person and I get tired just by thinking. I may look responsible but looks can be deceiving… I wonder what in it’s me today. Long weekends corrupts my thinking. Though it’s good sometimes, constant vacation drives me crazy. Makes me forget I need to think.

I’m planning to write something… not sure what it will be… I’m inspired because I just finished The Hobbit and starting LOTR-Fellowship of the Ring for my literature class.

I don’t want romance, it’s depressing and besides I have no right to write that kind of stuff since I never had a first-hand experience of it. It sounds mushy when I write in that genre.

I want fantasy perhaps an escape in this time and space… 🙂

[Jan. 13; 1:35 a.m.]


1 Response to "Early Morning Post"

That’s true! Thinking a lot makes my hair… white! But at least we’re using our brains! But at this moment, I would prefer not to think of anything except watching TV and some romantic comedy or just romantic movies! 😆

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