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Posted on: November 16, 2007

Patch Adams

For a person with suicidal tendencies, the best thing that happened in his life is when he self-admitted himself in an institution. In that place, he discovered through his friends that helping other people is what he wants to do.

He pursued medical school and dreamt to make a difference in the lives of his patient and the people around him. He had his own way of helping people believing that laughter is the best medicine, even if it means he has to defy the rules.

The character of Patch Adams which is based on a true story is a smart and funny man who wanted to make difference by helping people. He had the belief that being a doctor does not mean only preventing the death of the patients but making their lives better. He used humor as a tool to bring smiles and laughter on the faces of who are suffering on their own illnesses. They forget about their own pains for a while whenever they are in the company of the good humored doctor.

What pushed him to be the man admired by his good acts is the desire to help people. He may have unusual beliefs that other people do not agree to but he did what he thought could bring joy to the people who are in need.

Someone need not to pursue Medicine or have a good sense of humor like Patch Adams to extend a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on. Each and every one of us has something in us that we can share. It can be a talent, singing perhaps. It may come in monetary form, in kind or the simplest of all but the most precious, time.

You do not need to go far to start helping out people. Look around you, there maybe a friend or two out there that needs your time. Maybe someone you know needs some tutoring in a subject that you’re good at. Be aware. Be sensitive. From there, make small steps to help beyond your circle and the next thing you know, you could have gained new friends and experiences through your good work.

This is suppose to be an article that will be published in my org’s newsletter but due to some changes, the project wasn’t pursued so I decided to put it here in my blog.


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